Friday, November 12, 2010

Pacquiao, 144.6 lbs; Margarito 150 lbs

Pacquiao vs Margarito
Many has surprised with minimal weight of Manny Pacquiao recorded only 144.6 pounds during the recent Official weigh-in vs. Antonio Margarito just exactly catchweight 150 pounds for the World Boxing Council super welterweight title will open in Dallas Cowboys Stadium , Arlington City.

In an interview, many watched the event excited. Manny spiritual adviser who said Rey Golingan should not be required on the fighting concern because weight is also Pinoy superstar.

Golingan was also Manny's godfather and it leads to late night prayers in the practice of holy rosary. Expected to add only two to three pounds, Manny and still retain its speed and circumference,

Especially the notion also sounding notion that squeeze Margarito just reach the weight limit. So if you possibly add up to 160 pounds more Margarito is probably supposed to be this slow.

If you remember last fight of Pacquiao against Joshua Clottey last month of March is heavier than the pound-for-pound king to climb to records weighing 148 pounds to welterweight division.

Meanwhile, Vidal's report on the earlier of the balance by age of Margarito is only brief, while Manny is boxer shorts.

Earlier, Team Pacquiao said that based on information they said Margarito gets hard to get 150 pounds proof that it always turned out in training sweatsuit. Notice also said that some activities are sunglasses to hide the evidence in his eye.

According to Alex Ariza, Pacquiao's conditioning coach, the last day even eight in the evening to jog yet Margarito a sign that this overweight.

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