Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prediction: Pacquiao will end Marquez in 6 rounds

Manny Pacquiao will handily beat Juan Manuel Marquez in 5 or 6 rounds, according to some boxing analyst and many boxing fans. Analysts cited several factors that will favor the country’s 8-division champion over the Mexican boxer. Manny’s so powerful, and he’s fighting at a higher weight),” They said. Many believes that even with help from weight experts, Marquez will still have a hard time maintaining his speed at 144 pounds because of his age.

It will be difficult for Marquez to go up to 144. He’s much slower at 38 years old. Pacquiao-Marquez have already fought twice. The last time they fought was in 2008 at the super featherweight division (130 lbs). On November 12, Pacquiao and Marquez will square off for the third time at the 144 lb. catchweight. With the way Manny trains, his speed, his power and conditioning, I think Manny will win by technical knockout, 5 or 6 rounds.

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