Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pacquiao vs Margarito: Keys to the fight

Pacquiao vs Margarito
Who has the upper hand in terms of offense? How does one fighter adjust his defense against the other? What’s likely to happen when both boxers fight fire with fire?

Here’s a breakdown of how Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito fare in terms of offense, defense, boxing intelligence and will power based on the Queensberry's analysis.

Pacquiao has vastly improved his punching arsenal. He started with a simple 1-2 combination, added the double jab-straight left, then came the right hook and the improved body attack. He throws all of these in rapid fire motion and blinding speed. He used these improvements against Oscar de la Hoya and Miguel Cotto. The minus in Pacquiao's offense is his is jab, which is not much of a weapon. He also sometimes throws wide punches.

Margarito, on the other hand, is a giant fighter with an inside fighter's game. He is known for his body attack and uppercuts as evident in his victories over Kermit Cintron and Golden Johnson. He also punches wide but in a slower fashion. He reportedly worked on shortening the distance between “throw and land.”

Pacquiao used to be bad on defense but Freddie Roach worked and improved on this. He now puts his hands up, do lateral movements and darts in-and-out of his opponent's reach.

Margarito doesn't move his head, based on his past fights, especially when he lost Shane Mosley. He squares up and doesn't block his opponent's punches. Hopefully, his defense improves with trainer Robert Garcia overseeing his training.

Through years under Roach's guidance, Pacquiao has learned to absorb a fight strategy depending on his opponent's style. He showed this against Joshua Clottey whom he beat with volume punching; against Oscar de la Hoya, he fought from the outside. Pacquiao, however, still has to show that he can adjust his style within a fight.

Margarito usually punches and punches until his punches do their tricks. But now he has Garcia, who studied Pacquiao's flaws. It now depends on Margarito if he could adjust his fighting style to take advantage of Pacquiao's weaknesses.

Both fighters are known to have big hearts, they fight fearlessly up to a fault. Pacquiao showed this when he tested Miguel Cotto's power by staying at the ropes.

Margarito, on the other hand, fought on the latter rounds despite being outpunched in his decision loss to Paul Williams.

Both fighters are pretty even in this department.

Source: Queensberry

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